How to stop call recording announcements in Realme


We know that you are annoyed listening to the call recording announcement while recording anybody’s call.

Due to loud announcements, other persons also know that you are recording his/her call and then they also get an alert. So today we are here with a solution for this problem.


Realme is a very big name in the smartphone industry and also their smartphones are of very good quality compared to many others.

Realme phones come with their own apps suite, but in recent times realme has launched their new smartphone with a Google apps suite that contains Google Dailer, Google Contact, and Google messages.

Google apps suite is more convenient for users to operate but sometimes it may be irritating in some situations.

For example, when you decide to record a conversation or call, the Google app makes a loud announcement so that the other person becomes aware of the call recording.

It is good but can create problems if someone is trying to collect evidence from call recording.

Steps to stop call recording on Realme phones.

1.) Go to Play Store and install the TTSlexx app on your Realme devices

2.) After downloading the app you need to configure it so that the app will work properly

3.) Go to phone settings, search ‘speech‘ on the search bar, And select the speed rate option

4.) Now tap on the preferred engine

5.) Select the TTSLexx from the list. and allow it in this way you can configure this app

6.) Now clear your Google dialer data and start the new app.


Call recording can be a piece of strong evidence in legal cases so it is good that the person on the other side doesn’t get to know that you are recording his call.


1.) Can I disable the call recording announcement in Realme?
Ans:- yes, it is very easy steps are given above.

2.) Where can I find my call recordings?
Ans: your call recording will be saved into your phone storage you can easily access to it via file manager.

3.) Is it good for to anybody call?
Ans: If you are recording calls for legal purposes then it is okay, but if you are recording calls for pranks or bullying someone then it is not good.

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