How to Open hidden Apps in Realme


Have you hidden some of your apps and cannot find them now? Last Month, I also faced the problem of how to open hidden apps in Realme after hiding apps in my phone.

And guess what? After searching on Google & YouTube, I finally found the easiest way to open hidden apps in Realme phone, which I thought to share with everyone.


Hide apps is a feature available in all the Realme smartphones so that users can use any app without knowing anyone.

Sometimes we don’t want to share our privacy with others as we often have to share our phones with relatives, friends, family, or others.

Then we can use the feature of hiding apps on our mobile. In our previous article, we learned about how to hide apps in Realme, and now it is time to unhide them.

Steps to Open Hidden Apps in Realme

  • Open the dialer app on your mobile.
  • Dial the four-digit Hide Apps access code with the prefix “#” and suffix “#”.
  • One example of an access code is #0000#.
  • Replace 0000 with your code which you have set while hiding apps in your Realme smartphone.
  • Now an animation will open that contains your hidden apps.
  • Click on the required app and use it.

Note: Press the back button or home button to hide those hidden apps again.

What if you forget the four-digit Hide Apps access code?
Relax! You can reset it from the System settings easily.

Steps to Reset Hide Apps access code

  • Go to system settings.
  • Scroll down and click on the Privacy option.
  • Click on Hide Apps & enter the privacy passcode.
  • Click on the icon of the setting in the top right corner of the mobile screen.
  • Click on Change access code.
  • Now here type your new access code.
  • Click on the check “☑” icon & done.


How to unhide apps?
Ans: Settings >> Privacy >> Hide Apps >> enter privacy passcode >> click on two dots >> Change Access Code >> set new access code >> ☑

Where are my hidden apps?
Ans: All the apps are hidden in the mobile itself. Just follow the process to find the hidden apps.

How do I hide apps on Realme mobile?
Ans: settings>Privacy>hide apps>enter privacy password>hide all the apps you want.

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