Realme company belongs to which Country? It’s Founder, current CEO & Owner.


Are you looking for Realme company belongs to which Country and who are its Founders, current CEO and Owner? Let’s find out in this article.



Realme is a technology brand that focuses on providing some best budget-friendly tech devices. Realme was founded by Sky Li and Madhav Sheth in India. But Madhav Sheth left as CEO of Realme in 2023.

Most of us have heard or somewhat used Realme phones. But did you know from which country Realme originated?

Realme company belongs to which country?

Realme is a Chinese company whose headquarters is in the city of Shenzhen, the Silicon Valley of China. Realme was also the first smartphone to introduce 5G Variant in India with Realme X50 Pro 5G in the month of February.

In May 2018, Realme launched its business in the Indian market with its very first phone Realme 1. It was the first smartphone with 6 GB RAM in the world.

In August 2018, the company launched another product namely Realme 2, which grabbed many attention of Indian mobile gamers.

Its 6GB variant grabbed many permanent customers because of its uniqueness. Later many smartphone brands adopted the technology of making 6GB variant smartphones.

Brand nameRealme
Date of originMay 2018
Smartphones, Watches, Buds, Accessories and many more.
Youth population, more particularly in India, China, and Indonesia.Product Type
OwnershipBBK Electronics
HeadquartersShenzhen, China
Target audienceMore gaming-oriented and providing some decent camera phones.
Smartphone typeMore gaming-oriented and provides some decent camera phones.

realme company Founder

Realme was established by Sky Li, also known as Li Bingzhong. Sky Li is an accomplished entrepreneur in the tech industry, with a deep understanding of the smartphone market.


He is credited with bringing Realme into existence and guiding the company to its current status as a major player in the smartphone sector. People are unaware of Who is owner of Realme? In short, Sky-li is the owner of the Realme mobile brand.

realme company CEO

Realme’s Chief Executive Officer was Madhav Sheth, Under his leadership, Realme has made significant strides in providing affordable and high-quality smartphones to the Indian consumer base.

Madhav Sheth

But Madhav Sheth has resigned from his position as CEO of Realme India. On Wednesday (June 14, 2023), Sheth announced his resignation.

Realme’s founder Sky Li will take over as the head of the India business.

realme company owner

Realme is a subsidiary of BBK Electronics Corporation, a massive Chinese conglomerate that also owns other well-known smartphone brands such as OnePlus, Vivo, and Oppo.

BBK Electronics Corporation is one of the world’s largest smartphone manufacturers. The owner of BBK Electronics Corporation is Duan Yongping.

Duan Yongping

Realme focuses more on making budget-friendly and youth-oriented devices by which youth can buy those products very proficiently.

Realme came out as the world’s 6th smartphone brand in Quarter 2 of 2021 showing a tremendous portfolio from very entry-level products to flagship segments, including various popular series such as Realme NEO GT series, Narzo series, and many more.



In conclusion, we would like to say that Realme is one of the fastest-growing brands in the world and it also has the potential to overtake the leading brands in the tech industry. As a tech enthusiast, I would love to see how far Realme can go.


A1. Realme was founded in China, with its headquarters located in the hi-tech city, of Shenzhen.

A2. Realme was established on the day of May 4, 2018, as a subsidiary of another well-known smartphone manufacturer, Oppo.

A3. Realme was founded by Sky Li, who was also once, a former executive of Oppo. He played a very significant role in establishing and directing the Realme brand.

Realme initially focused more on producing budget-friendly smartphones with competitive specifications and features specially designed for the youth population but now it is also stepping into the premium segment.

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