How to see Private Photos in any Realme mobile.


Hey there! We know that you are trying to open private photos on realme mobile.

In this blog, we’ll be covering some tips and tricks on how to see private photos on your beloved Realme device which we’ll be a very interesting one.


Realme is on the verge of becoming one of the best smartphone brand in the world because of its concern regarding the youth of the country and its gaming devices helps them to make profit more.

They innovate new ideas in almost every launch and that is why we are always eager to make blogs on Realme. In our previous blog, we shared how to Reset Privacy Password in Realme in case you forgot the password.

Now let’s come to the main point on how to view private photos in Realme

Steps to see Private Photos

  • Open your gallery/album/photos app and set photos as private.
  • Swipe your icons and access the settings
  • Select the security function.
  • Tap on the private safe
  • Set your desired password strongly secure it and answer some security questions.
  • Tap on photos and view it.

For setting Private Photos as Public on Realme device.
To make the private photos on your Realme device public again, follow these simple steps:

Open the mobile settings.
Tap on security, then private safe.

Once you have identified the private photos, mark/select them by tapping each photo individually or selecting multiple photos simultaneously.

After selecting the desired photos, a bottom bar or menu should appear with various options. Look for an option labeled “Set as Public” or similar. Tap on it to proceed.

A confirmation prompt may appear asking in front of you to confirm setting the selected photos as public. Confirm your desired choice by tapping “Set as Public” or “Confirm.”

The selected photos will now again be changed from private to public, making them easily visible to anyone accessing your Photos app or gallery or your beloved albums app

Apart from these steps, we have presented you with some extra steps

Other Ways

  1. Using File Manager

Realme smartphones can have a built-in file manager app that allows you to browse through the files on your Realme device.

With a file manager, you can easily/quickly locate private photos stored in hidden folders and gain access to them.

  1. Exploring the Vault App

Realme devices often contain a Vault app as a secure space for storing private files and photos. After understanding this app’s workings, you can access its hidden photos.

  1. Resetting the Device

Many times, the most straightforward solution we have is to reset your Realme device.

On performing a factory reset, you can eliminate any privacy or security measures and gain access to private photos.

However, remember one thing this method will erase all data on your phone, so back up any important files beforehand.

  1. Seeking some additional Help from Third-Party Apps

There are major third-party apps available that claim to unlock private photos on Realme devices.

While these apps can be purely luck-based (which is either hit or run), exploring them as a last resort is worth exploring.

One thing we would like to remind you is that before trusting any third-party app with your personal data, be cautious and thoroughly research.

  1. Contacting Realme Support Care

If you’re facing difficulties accessing private photos on your Realme device, contact Realme support which can provide some extra professional assistance.

They can have some extra solutions or various suggestions tailored to your device model and software version.


Thus we conclude that setting photos as private in our beloved Realme device is not as difficult as we think.

We can solve this problem by some basic steps and if you ever require more help, we are always there to help you.

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