How to disable glance from Realme Mobile?

Are you also tired of seeing the same glance wallpapers on your lock screen? Don’t worry, a few days ago we also faced the same problem and after some research, we found the solution to disable glance in realme phones.


What is Glance?

Glance is an Indian AI (Artificial Intelligence) based software company that delivers personalized content to the lock screens of smartphones. Glance is pre-installed on some Android devices. It is also a type of bloatware. Android mobile brands use glance ads for sponsorships to cut off the price of flagship devices.

Steps to disable glance in Realme.

  • Go to the phone’s settings.
  • Go to display.
  • Go to the lock screen.
  • Look for the “Glance” option within the display settings. It will be listed under a subcategory or directly visible on the main screen.
  • Turn off the glance features.

Final verdicts on Glance

Glance has its own importance. It shows the latest news or events happening across the world. You can access many more functions without unlocking the device with the help of a glance.


What features can we access with a glance?
A1. With glance, you can access a wide variety of features like entertainment, sports, news, and many more.

Is glance a bloatware?
A2. Yes, the Glance is also a bloatware that is pre-installed on some Android devices.

Is deleting glance harmful for phones?
A3. No, deleting Glance is totally safe for Android devices.

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