How to Check & Claim Realme Warranty for Mobile – Easy Method

If you are looking for how to check & claim Realme warranty for mobile, you are at the right place. I will tell you the easiest way to check the warranty of your mobile and claim it.



A warranty is one of the most important things when a customer seeks it since a warranty gives us the assurance of the duration of that particular product.

Realme warranty check through IMEI

IMEI number, also known as International Mobile Equipment Identity, consists of numbers between 15 to 17 numbers used as a global system used in many things such as claiming warranty.

Steps to Check IMEI no. of mobile

-go to settings
-surf to about phone
-check the bottom of your phone box
-Dial*#06# on keypad

Realme Service Center

How to register a Realme warranty?

There are various ways of registering your Realme warranty but some of the ways are by registering on Realme’s official website or claiming/registering through Realme’s authorized service center.

How to extend the warranty of the Realme mobile?

Warranty is one of the most worthy things to buy, so extending the warranty plan is very advisable.
Realme users can extend their warranty by directly purchasing a warranty plan from Realme’s authorized sellers or by directly purchasing on Realme’s official website for the respective country.

Warranty plans are one of the most worthy things to buy so it is very advisable to extend the warranty plan. By extending your warranty you can have a complete assurance of using your device up to its full potential and you can also use it roughly.


Q1.How do I check my Realme warranty online

A1.To check your device’s warranty, you need to know about your IMEI number through which you will access Realme’s official website and enter your IMEI number in the”Warranty status Enquiry field”.

Q2.How do I check my Realme warranty?

A2.You can easily check your Realme warranty through the IMEI number on settings or through the service center.

Q3. How do I activate my Realme warranty?

A3.For activating your Realme warranty you just need to register your particular device on Realme’s official website and henceforth.

Q4.How long is the warranty of Realme?

A4.For smartphones, warranty duration can range from 12 months to 36 months as you can also extend your warranty.

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