Android 14 update for Vivo X90, Vivo X90 Pro



The Vivo X90 series will be the first series that will be getting the Android 14 update (if we are talking about roll-outs) which is very good news for all the Vivo X90 users.

Vivo X90 Pro Android 14 update

The Vivo X90 Pro was primarily launched on November 22, 2022, and was already well-equipped with Android 13, Funtouch 13(Global) the OriginOS 3 (china) which was well optimized. The X90 Pro series is a flagship device launched by Vivo.

The Funtouch OS 14 based on the Android 14 Beta version rollout of Vivo X90 pro has already started from the mid of October 2023 itself and this becomes the first device of Vivo to get an Android 14 update. Many users have already started gaining the benefits of Android 14.

Vivo X90 Android 14 update

The Vivo X90 was also launched on November 22, 2023, with Vivo X90 Pro and was also equipped with Android 13 and is now on the verge of fully transforming into the latest OS which is Funtouch OS 14 based on Android 14.

The funtouch OS 14 based on the Android 14 update’s rollout date is also similar to its highest variant i.e. Vivo X90 Pro where this variant has also started receiving Android 14 updates on a regular basis from the month of November 2023, as confirmed by the users.


In conclusion on a high note, android 14 will optimize the performance of the Vivo X90 series and will also remove unwanted bugs in the device. Hope you enjoyed this blog. Stay tuned for further updates.


Q1. Will the Vivo X90 Pro get an Android 15 update?

A1. Yes, the Vivo X90 Pro will be definitely getting Android 15 update.

Q2. Will Vivo X90 get Android 15 update?

A2. Yes, the Vivo X90 will get Android 15 update.

Q3. How many updates will the Vivo X90 get?

A3. Vivo X90 will receive at least receiving two years of updates.

Q4. How many updates will the Vivo X90 Pro get?

A4. Vivo X90 will be getting two years of updates with three years of monthly security updates in this period.

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