Android 14 update for Vivo V29 Pro, Vivo V29, Vivo V29e


This article is going to be based on one of the most trending topics in recent tech topics which is about the latest Android 14 update for your beloved Vivo V29 series. This blog will give you insights into the latest Funtouch OS 14.

Vivo V29 Pro Android 14 update date

Vivo V29 Pro was announced on 2023, October 04 when it was released on October 10. This device was already well-equipped with Android 13, and Funtouch 13 which was a very great deal with all the features this device holds.

Regarding the date for its Android 14 update, the rollout for the whole Vivo V29 series has already started from the end of the year 2023 i.e. mid of December 2023.

Vivo V29 Android 14 update date

Vivo V29 was launched on July 31, 2023, and comes with the latest Android 13, Funtouch 13. This device has started receiving the Android 14 update as planned by the company.

Vivo V29e Android 14 update date

Vivo V29e was initially launched on August 28, 2023 was as same equipped with an Android 13 update.
This device started receiving its Android 14 update late as the original dates were from the middle of December 2023, but as confirmed by the existing users they received the Android 14, Funtouch 14 late or to be more precise in the early start of 2024.

Funtouch OS 14 based on android 14 roadmap

This was the content that we always wished to provide to our users. Hope you guys got the detailed information regarding the latest status of the Android 14 update rollout dates for the Vivo V29 series. Hope you enjoyed this article. Stay tuned for further updates.


Q1. Will Vivo V29 Pro get Android 15 update?

A1. Yes, Vivo V29 Pro will be definitely getting Android 15 update.

Q2. Will Vivo V29 get an Android 15 update?

A2.Yes, Vivo V29 will get an Android 15 update.

Q3. How many updates will Vivo V29 Pro get?

A3. Vivo V29 Pro will receive at least the next two years of updates.

Q4. How many updates will Vivo V29 get?

A4. Vivo V29 will be getting two years of updates with three years of monthly security updates in this period.

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