Android 14 Update dates for Realme C55, C35, C53, C33, C25s, C51


Realme’s C Series has been extraordinary throughout the years, they have brought a lot of good quality smartphones since the announcement of this series. Realme has always leaped forward with every new phone at a very affordable price in The ‘C’ series.

With its ‘C’ Series Realme has targeted users who need quality devices at a very reasonable price with power-packed processors that offer excellent performance and arguably the best cameras and battery from the competition.

Realme C55 Android 14 Update

Realme Has officially announced the Roadmap for early access Android 14 update which contains a lot of devices that will get these updates and without a surprise, Realme C55 is also one of them.

According to the list, The Realme C55 has started receiving the Android 14 update from December last year. To download the update users need to follow some basic steps which is provided in the latter half of the blog.

Realme C35 Android 14 Update

The Company Launched this phone with the Android 11 and received the Android 13 update early last year. At the time of launch, Realme claimed that the device will be provided with 2 years of android updates and 3 years of security patch updates. The promise is now fulfilled by the brand. Hence, Realme C35 will not receive the Android 14 update.

Realme C53 Android 14 Update

According to the roadmap, Realme C53 is expected to get the Android 14 update in the Second quarter of 2024. Users need to keep waiting a few more months for the update. Till then users are advised to not go for any unofficial updates for the phone.

Realme C33 Android 14 Update

Realme Has Not mentioned anything about the Android 14 update for the Realme ‘C33’ model. But The device is likely to receive the android 14 update since it came with the Android 12 and the company has assured 2 years of Android and 3 years of security patch updates.

Realme C25s Android 14 Update

Realme C25s will not receive the Android 14 update since it has already got 2 major Android Updates. The Phone initially came with Android 11 in June 2021. However, the Device will continue to get security updates Till June 2024.

Realme C51 Android Update

The phone was released with the Android 13 version by the brand and, As per the roadmap, Realme C51 will Receive the Android 14 update in the second quarter of 2024. Users are expected to patiently wait for the update and should follow the steps mentioned in the blog to download and install the update precisely.


Steps for downloading the Android 14 update in Realme C Series Devices

1. Check that your device is up to date and just backup the data before the new version is rolled out.

2. Wait for the Notification of the update to come

3. After receiving the notification, click on the settings icon scroll down to the about phone, and click on the download update option.

4. Now you will have to install the update by clicking the install now option and your phone will get updated to Android 14.

Android 14 Features In The Realme C Series

There are some really exciting features provided by the brand in Realme C series in the latest Android 14 update which are as follows:

Security and Privacy: Improves photo and video-related permission management for safer access by apps.

Aquamorphic Design: Adds aquamorphic-themed ringtones and revamps the system notification sounds. It improves system animations by making them even smoother.

Lockscreen Customisation: Customise Your Lockscreen With Widgets And more.

Enhanced PIN Security: Increase the security of your phone with additional options.

Regional Preference: Set your preferred region for features like Weather and News.


1)Why Have I not received the Early Access update yet?

ANS) Users Will receive the update in certain batches and it is a normal process so users should not panic and wait patiently for the update.

2)Will the update cause data loss?

ANS) No, the update will most probably don’t cause any data loss of the users from the device but however it is preferred to have a data backup ready for safety purposes.

3) Will my phone get heated during the software update?

ANS) Yes, the phone may heat up to a certain extent but users should not worry as it is a usual process. However, it is advisable to keep the phone charged up to 60%.

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